Unmaned Surface Vessels (USV)

Unmaned Surface Vessels (USV)

Operation of Unmanned Surface Vessels

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Surveillance and data collection at sea with unmanned vessels

Services with Unmaned Surface Vessels (USV):

  • 360º solution that includes not only the vessel design according the necesities but also the operation service with unmanned vessels.
  • Own autonomous vessels with capabilities to provide services in the open sea.
  • Versatile, modular and scalable design tailored to customer needs.
  • High load capacity of equipment and tolls.
  • Maritime monitoring and surveillance service operated by specialists.
  • 24 hours 365 days coverage.

Surveillance and security service zones:

  • Ports.
  • Coasts and maritime borders.
  • Offshore infrastructures.
  • Aquaculture facilites.
  • Marine reserves.
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