MARPOL waste collection

MARPOL waste collection

We have the equipment, the capacity and the experience to collect all types of waste from vessels.

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Rapid reaction, skilled personnel and our own equipment.

Marpol I Service

Prevention of Pollution by Oil.

  • Collection of sludge and bilge water, lubricants, fuel and oily waste from vessels
  • Collection of slops and de-bunkering.
  • Collection of waste from the fight against pollution at sea. More information

Marpol V Service

Prevention of Pollution by Garbage from Ships.

  • Collection of cargo, domestic, food, plastic and other waste. Vessels equipped with cranes, drums and containers.

Marpol VI Service

Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships.

  • Collection of sludge from exhaust gas scrubbing (seawater and fresh water).

Skilled personnel

  • Our personnel are qualified in the handling of hazardous goods and the prevention and combating of marine pollution. We have 5 barges specialising in waste collection.

This service is available in two forms:

At ports

  • Castellón
    Tánger Med

At anchor

  • Castellón
    Tánger Med
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New vessel, new service

Slops Collection and De-bunkering.

We offer a new service for collection of MARPOL waste with FP<60ºC and FP>60ºC for vessels sailing through the Strait of Gibraltar.

Our new vessel M/T BALEA, based at the port of Tanger Med, specialises in collecting slops at the Alcazar and Fnideq (North Africa) anchoring spots.


Servicio de recogida  de Slops

Specialist slop and bilge water collection service

  • Slops / tank slops
  • Debunkering
  • Bilge water
  • Oily waste of all kinds

M/T BALEA is a barge that specialises in collecting MARPOL waste, with a capacity of 700 m3

  • Marpol I certificate
  • Low and high flash points

We serve the following anchoring spots off the port of Tanger Med in North Africa:

  • Alcazar
  • Fnideq
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