Mooring and Unmooring

Mooring and Unmooring

Specialist launches and qualified personnel.

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Effective, safe mooring and unmooring.

Operations at:

  • Commercial wharves and oil and chemical terminals at the ports of Castellón and Ceuta
  • Offshore facilities at the port of Castellón
  • The passenger vessel terminal at the Port of Ceuta.

Professional services:

  • In tough, high-risk conditions
  • In all weathers
  • With the right equipment for each operation.

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En puertos

  • Castellón
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We have the resources and capabilities to provide professional mooring and unmooring services

amarre y desamarre
amarre y desamarre

Mooring launches

We run a fleet of mooring launches designed and built specifically for this type of work.

Specialist vehicles

Cables and mooring equipment are becoming increasingly heavy, so we have specialist mooring vehicles capable of handling even the heaviest mooring hawsers and cables safely.
This combination of launches and specialist vehicles enables us to handle mooring and unmooring operations quickly and efficiently.

Skilled personnel

Our boatmen are certified seamen and skippers with all the qualifications required to carry out the important task of safely mooring and unmooring vessels in a way conducive to efficiency at ports.

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